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NATO air patrols over Eastern Europe – Who is sending what where

Since the beginning of Russia’s attack on Ukraine NATO has taken measures to shield its member States along the eastern flank from potential aggression.

“In the air, Allied Air Command commands and employs military aircraft from the nations and NATO to execute enhanced Vigilance Activities. NATO has substantially increased the number of fighter jets on alert across Eastern Europe in response to Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine.” Below is an infographic via NATO, detailing who is sending what to where.

“NATO air forces have bolstered their presence in the eastern part of the Alliance helping to shield NATO against any aggression. Several dozen fighter jets are on alert at any time to response to possible airspace violations and to deter aggression,” said Headquarters Allied Air Command Chief of Staff, Major General Jörg Lebert.

“Allied Air Command integrates the Allied air forces’ fighters, air-to-air refuelling and transport aircraft as well as Allied and NATO airborne warning and control (AWACS) platforms into the standing arrangements to safeguard the skies above the Allies. These assets enable NATO to patrol the Allied airspace and have 24/7 situational awareness above NATO and adjacent territory,” he added.

NATO add in their news release that allied fighters take off from their home bases, forward deployment bases or carriers flying Air Patrol missions along the Alliance’s eastern flank.