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Musk takes on Putin! SpaceX BLOCKS electromagnetic wαrfare attαck in Ukrαine

The spαceX founder has already been praised for shipping thousands of his Starlink internet terminals to Ukrαine. But Russiα is said to have quickly responded, jamming the satellites from being able to beam down broadband services.

This is known as a form of electronic wαrfare – blocking the signal in order to essentially block the enemy’s eyes and ears in spαce.


But Dave Tremper, director of electronic wαrfare for the US Office of the Secretary of Defense said spαceX swiftly dealt with the issue.

He said: “The next day [after reports about the Russiαn jamming effort hit the media], Starlink had slung a line of code and fixed it.“And suddenly that [Russiαn jamming attack] was not effective anymore. From [the] EW technologist’s perspective, that is fantastic … and how they did that was eye-watering to me.”

Mr Tremper said that the US needs to get much better at its own rapid response to such threats.He added: “We need to be able to have that agility.

“We need to be able to change our electromagnetic posture to be able to change, very dynamically, what we’re trying to do without losing capability along the way.”

General Tad Clark, director of the Air Force’s electromagnetic spectrum superiority directorate, said this form of wαrfare will only increase.

He believes the US needs to be more innovative when it comes to building new spαce technology.

This includes incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning into next-generation systems to help with such rapid responses.He added that the Ukrαine wαr has shown the importance of properly training the personnel assigned to carry out electromagnetic wαrfare operations.

He said: “It’s a very hard problem, if you don’t have well-trained operators.

“The degree of coordination and synchronisation of these types of operations is such that the undertrained operator will have a harder time pulling off those types of events successfully.”

This latest move from spαceX comes after Mr Musk challenged Russiαn leader Vladimir Putiп to a fight.

He wrote on Twitter: “I hereby challenge  [Vladimir Putiп] to single ᴄᴏᴍʙᴀᴛ. Stakes are Україна [Ukrαine].”