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Kitten Sneaks Out Of Crate To Comfort Scared dog At The Vet

Little Ginger Biscuit was discovered in a South African sewer after a heavy rainstorm. The animal was completely soaked and in need of assistance.

His rescuers took him to Greenside Animal Hospital . In the isolation ward he was able to heal and recover in peace. Ginger was a little nervous at first. He was only about nine weeks old and was not used to being around people.The kitten had the isolation ward almost all to herself. Almost, because Anne was there too. The dog was found infested with fleas and ticks at a nearby sports club. She was rushed to the veterinary clinic to be treated.

Anne was brought to the hospital as a stray after being discovered hiding in a bush at a nearby sports club. She was infected with fleas and ticks and was in poor health. One of the club’s trainers brought her to the hospital, where everyone could see she was very sick. They sprang into action, trying to heal her and settling her into the isolation ward.

Cats and dogs are usually kept in separate areas at Greenside Animal Hospital, but the isolation ward is an exception. The crates of Anne and Ginger faced each other, but the animals couldn’t communicate with one another.

At least, that’s what they believed. The kitten had different plans! One day, employees were surprised to see Ginger not in his crate, but cuddling with Anne in her crate.

As you know, cats and dogs aren’t always best friends, so there was a bit of panic when they first saw the two together. But it soon became clear that the pair adored each other!Staff tried to disassemble them again, but were unsuccessful. Anne and Ginger had made the decision that they belonged together.Much to their delight, the pair now share a bench and their recovery is going well. They offer each other comfort and a sense of security. It’s amazing to witness the power of love and friendship in action!