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If you have never seen how giraffes sleep, enjoy these amazing photos of their sleeping positions. They are so cute!

After watching the photos of sleeping giraffes you will smile all day.

Although giraffes are considered the tallest animals, they don’t sleep long. During the day they only sleep 30 minutes and their sleeping position is really funny. They sleep only a few minutes, even in ancient times researchers thought that giraffes never slept, they only lay down, but after 1950 it turned out that they sleep.

There are some opinions that giraffes sleep very little, because they need to be protected from predators, so their sleeping position is very uncomfortable for them to stand quickly.

There is an interesting fact about giraffes. they don’t drink a lot of water, so they drink it every few days, the plants they eat provide them with water they need.Enjoy these cute photos of their sleeping positions. They are really beautiful!