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His Owner Wanted Him Euthanized Because He Couldn’t Walk, But They Refused To Give Up On Him

One day, this dog’s legs just stopped working. He could barely walk and had been pushing himself around for nearly a month.

When his owner heard that Sidewalk Specials was in town, he asked if they could put him to sleep to put him out of his misery.

A vet from the organization drove out to get the dog, whose named is Speedy. They brought him back to their clinic, where Speedy wagged his tail and licked every hand that came near him. Despite his inability to use his front legs, he was still such a happy dog and he quickly proved to Sidewalk Specials that he wanted to live.

Sidewalk Specials decided to give him a second chance and help him out. They knew they couldn’t euthanize this sweet dog without trying to help him first. The vets at Vet Point said with a lot of rehab, there was a slim chance that Speedy would be OK, and it was a chance that rescuers were willing to take.

After a lot of therapy and rehab, Speedy began walking on his own! He was still very shaky, but he was slowly but surely moving his front legs again. He continued water therapy, along with physio, and a month later, he was not only walking around, but running!

Speedy has since been adopted into a loving forever home! He was so close to being euthanized, but staff at Sidewalk Specials didn’t have the heart to put him to sleep and refused to give up on him. Now Speedy is happier than ever, and his name surely suits him! Speedy definitely got his Christmas miracle!