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He Was Wrapped In A Blanket And Left On The Street. What Chance For Him

This sweet angel was just brought in by a Good Samaritan. They found him wrapped in a blanket on the side of 270. We are doing everything we can to stabilize and save this angel. He will be getting 24 hour care at our clinic. We NEVER need to STOP the FIGHT to STOP animal abuse. Prayers are needed animal warriors!

He is still unresponsive. He is getting fluids, antibiotics and pain meds. We have treated all of his wounds and are doing continued wound care.

He had some areas that needed to be sutured and we have taken care of those. We have made him as comfortable as possible. Now it is a waiting game, he has obviously been through hell.

At least he was found and brought to SR. He will at least be surrounded by love and treated with the respect he has always deserved. Our Vet Team is amazing! Keep the prayers coming.