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“He’ S Got A Crush On The Loser, The Seal Panicked When He Was Bitten By A Surprise Penguin, And His Face Was Most Famous In The World. “

The compassionate of the chubby chubby seal made the netizens’ melt’,’ no like just after two hours of posting on internet.The life of wildlife is extremely harsh, in places where special climate such as antarctica is more challenging than human thought. However, we don’ t always see the struggle to tear each other apart to survive, but sometimes it’ s a very funny moment of humor here.

Poor seal’ s ” bad ” expression when the penguin cut into his ass was quickly captured by photographer roy mangersnes at the south shetland island, antarctica. Another small photo of the sudden panic scene of the seal from the opposite side makes it look funny to anyone.

The big eyes, the gaping mouth of the seal, showed that the penguin behind ” evil ” came as much as it had, its sharp beak had a pretty painful piece of the big friend’ s big ass right up the side. It’ s just sitting in the middle of a piece of junk! The herd was lazy on the la beach, the only poor seal near the penguins was ngờ by the crows, ” played the prank “. To the human race when someone was poked in the ass by someone who was startled, the seal was too much.

The funny picture on the current is now being shared by the netizen, which everyone enjoys as the moment of the seal is extremely ” entertaining “. Who says every time he’ s big enough to bully the penguins, now he’ s got a baby penguin bite!