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Elon Musk & Russia’s INSANE Partnership will Change Everything

After the inability of the United States to send its spacemen to the horizons after the flight of the space shuttle in 2011, the country faced a dilemma it could either funnel billions of dollars into Russia’s Soyuz spacecraft or seek remedies to end reliance on Russian technology plagued by its failures, such as that of Soyuz having to abort on an emergency basis in 2018.
The flight carrying NASA astronaut Nick Hague was a crude sawyer’s ms flight dubbed ms-10 that had to abort shortly after launch due to the failure of sawyer’s FG launch vehicle boosters. NASA described the emergency abort as a ballistic landing meaning the crew’s spaceship did not achieve the speed necessary to achieve orbit around the earth; instead, it fell back to the ground, this was the first time in the history of the ISS program that a man Soyuz mission had failed, but luckily Nick Hague and his Russian counterpart Alexi ovechinin survived as rescue teams had reached the capsule’s the landing site and they had left the
pill in time.

And since dominance in space is a mighty show of economic and intellectual might, NASA came up with a proposed fix partnering with private companies like Boeing and SpaceX by awarding them with 4.2 billion and 2.6 billion dollar contracts respectively to ferry astronauts to the international space station and return them safely home to meet all of NASA’s safety and performance requirements; however, things did not go as planned for Boeing while Musk’s SpaceX shot to the stars Boeing’s capsule spacecraft called the starliner ran into some software and hardware malfunctions accompanied by the blunder by Russian Nauka module as it docked with the international space station July 29.

Russia’s Nauka module accidentally fired its thrusters, sending the space station into a spin when the orbital test flight too came to discussion failed to make a mark on time as well for its August flight was delayed due to valve positions of unexpected nature based on current assessments, it would be safe to suggest the launch of the starliner before this year’s end seems to be a distant dream the reason now is the need to continuously troubleshoot a jammed oxidizer isolation valve by the NASA Boeing squad.

It is an issue to be addressed of a complex nature involving worrisome commodities that cannot be easily accessed, but Soyuz is currently the only rocket capable of sending astronauts to the space station behind NASA’s push to see the starliner reaching success the underlying matter is that it wants Boeing and SpaceX to make its commercial crew program a success which aims to use private firms to ferry cargo and astronauts to the international space station to break away from the agency’s reliance on Soyuz, which propels Americans to space from the base in Kazakhstan as SpaceX used it’s a crude dragon vehicle to send astronauts to space in November.

Boeing and NASA hope to use starliner as a second commercial crewed vehicle, the testimony to which can be found in statements by NASA’s deputy administrator and former astronaut pam Melroy, during a mission briefing in August this year said that the program offers a boost to crew time and cargo which NASA can utilize to accomplish more science on the ISS she suggested that it was one of the deeper reasons behind their presence at the launch. Moreover, Musk has announced his lofty plans to open a new factory in Russia in his quest to expand SpaceX’s sphere of influence up to the east, sending the first intercontinental ballistic missile for satellite, first animal, and first human in space and earth orbit.

Russia has been a pioneer of the space race and flight-related technologies in the past and has retained an experienced workforce to date, something which can be linked to Musk’s decision-making choice as the people with their brilliant minds can further propel SpaceX to the realms of success
after he hinted towards the idea the Russian federation’s ministry of industry and trade showed jubilation and tweeted that they’d welcome Musk with support as the country has some safeguards in place local manufacturers of equipment another prospect for Musk to think upon would be to make ways into Russia’s electric vehicle industry as it is pretty much untapped, and boy can Tesla fail to make a mark and exploit it I think not.

With over 144 million people yet to drive the fancy EV that looks like they’re out of science fiction, the novel, just due to the absence of sustainable avenues for charging the profits of the car, can roll in ample time for Tesla with all that being said, this would surely not be the first time Musk would be romancing with the Russians if you recall back when Moscow was young and not as well rooted with a personality cult around him, he tried to pool in money into Russia back in 2002 having the newly laid foundation for the space company Musk found the rockets in his backyard, which is in the united states too expensive for his ambitious plans and went to Russia to see if he could bag a more acceptable offer but fate did not have his finest hour in the programs back then, the cash-strapped.

The Russian space program needed funding, and Musk could potentially do his bit in helping them out in their quest to stabilize their economy, but he was met with a cold attitude in the country thrice. Based on some reports, it also surfaced that some space officials tried to extract their cut from the project, and one of their rocket guys ran into a heated argument with Musk, which served as a deal-breaker for him almost two decades later, Elon musk has evolved into being a whole new brand and twisted the paradigm. The highly self-absorbed Russians that once rejected his plans now seek to embrace him and his company with words coming in from the Ros cosmos CEO himself, Mr. Dmitry Rogozin, the CEO expressing delight using Twitter announced a new expedition to the international space station planned for this month and hoped Musk would attend to the launch of Baikonur cosmodrome reiterating an invitation,

Musk expressed a desire to meet him as well, but It would indeed be odd to see what unfolds at their first meeting. Rogozin has been a long time critic of Elon Musk, and his SpaceX has expressed dissatisfaction with how they undermine their competitors using underhanded tactics, but for now, all seems well at the two camps because Rogozin had softened his tone for what some call ulterior motives is his newly found admiration for Musk based on appreciation for what the man who wants to take humanity to Mars has achieved or is it a silent admission of defeat as to how desperate Ros cosmos is to sail across their troublesome times.

It faced sanctions earlier on u.s policy on Russia that stopped American firms from partnering with any firm having even a tad bit to do with the Russian military, which has now been lifted to some extent when the Russians threatened to leave the is ISS. However, Russia is still unable to launch some satellites due to a lack of microchips that are on a list of restricted imports. We have more than enough rockets, but there’s nothing to launch, said the ros cosmos chief while addressing the lower house of the Russian parliament, which shows that in the tussle between the two superpowers, his country’s space ambitions are taking atoll.

By 2030, the Russians eros cosmos plan on launching their station if the US continues on the path to hostility. Now whether Musk can make a mark and make inroads into Russia, the expansion of his empire run with the finest of business models or not, one the thing for sure is the man is not planning on stopping anytime soon or settling for what he has with his high hopes for the future of humankind in general that knows no bounds to Mars and beyond he is on the path of perseverance and taking down obstacles in his way.