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Dogs Humorously Bark At Each Other But Only When There’s A Fence Between Them

Walls and fences not only establish a physical boundary, but they also have the potential to establish mental limits. This is most definitely the case with regard to the two canines who are featured in a comedic video that originates from Rayong, Thailand.

Both canines are positioned on opposite sides of a gate and are growling and growling angrily at one another as they stand there. But when the gate that was between them is removed, what happens then? They start to be quiet almost immediately.

The person who is offside in the video pushes the gate closed once more to indicate that this is not a one-time thing. However, the dogs immediately resume their vicious barking at one another after the gate is closed again. Once more, the gate is opened, and all of a sudden, the dogs become very quiet.


Instantaneously, viewers began drawing parallels between the behaviors of the canines and the online behavior of individuals on social media. One person pointed out that “that is humanity on and off the internet.” Someone else said that it was an “excellent illustration of social media.” “Twitter in a nutshell,” commented someone else. One person who was studying the behavior of the dogs stated that the dogs instantly express soothing signals whenever they meet one another. This observation suggests that the fence may be making the dogs more territorial.

The dogs, however, are a clear example of how reducing obstacles to communication can have a significant impact on the quality of that communication.