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Despite scorching sun, Starving and Night cold, This Dog Refuses To Budge From The place Where Her Owners Abandoned Her

According to rescuer Suzette Hall, lost dogs typically roam around, whereas abandoned dogs stay and wait for their owners to return. So, when a group of Good Samaritans told Hall that a dog was hiding under a construction sign along a busy road for three days, Hall knew that trapping the scared dog would be a challenge. Not only was the puppy in a difficult-to-reach location, but she also didn’t want to be taken away from the location where she hoped to see her family again.

And, despite an entire neighborhood’s efforts, Hall was right.

“She was terrified of people,” Hall explained to The Dodo. “When people tried to sit with her or walk by with their dogs, she would just bark at them.”Even if they couldn’t get close to the dog, some neighbors helped out, such as the person who volunteered to cook hot dogs for Hall to use as bait. But still, even with warm hot dogs in the trap and an empty stomach, the dog would not go in.

So, after hours of unsuccessful attempts to catch the dog, Hall decided to leave her trap at the construction site overnight and return first thing in the morning to try again.The dog was exactly where the rescuer had last seen her when Hall returned to the construction site the next morning, but something was different. The neighborhood was quieter this time, and the dog appeared less quiet.

“I cleaned up the trap and pretended to leave,” Hall explained. “I was driving down the street when I noticed her getting up and circling the trap.”When Hall returned to the construction site, she discovered the dog safely trapped in her trap.

“Once I got her out of my trap, she was so scared,” Hall said.“She was frozen like a pancake. But she was so sweet,” she added. “So I spent a lot of time with her just rubbing and loving on her.”
Hall then took the dog to the vet, where they had set up a quiet, private room for her to unwind for a few days.They also gave the dog a name that suited her. “We called her Bella,” Hall explained. “She just looked like a Disney princess to us.”

According to Hall, Bella began to come out of her shell once she realized she was safe and loved.And, because a caring vet tech has volunteered to foster Bella, Hall is confident that the sweet pup will thrive in her care and finally get the happily-ever-after she deserves. “That little construction sign doesn’t have to be her home anymore,” Hall said. “And she doesn’t have to wait anymore.”