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NATO’s “secret weαpon” was first utilized close to Snake Island

According to our sources, the Ukrαiniαn military recently employed underwater weαpσns supplied by NATO for the first time in a Black Sea region close to Snake Island.
Since Ukrαiniαn forces are not sufficiently trained in the use of underwater weαpσns , it is known that the sale of such weαpσns  to Ukrαine has not before been documented, and it is most probable that one of the Western mercenaries was present in the photo shared by the Ukrαiniαn military.

As a result, in a recent social media image, a weαpσn that was initially mistaken for a torpedo was thought to belong to the freshly equipped Ukrαiniαn army. But after closer examination by experts, it became clear that they were an underwater towing vessel intended to swiftly go great distances underwater.

It is obvious from the device’s look that we are referring to the Suex VRX underwater towing system, which is employed by the military forces of NATO nations.

Although the rationale for employing this equipment has not yet been disclosed, analysts suggest one of the purposes could be to research ways to access Snake Island. Experts also point out that the Ukrαiniαn military may deploy underwater mines using this NATO technology.

Earlier, the Russiαn Defense Ministry declared that its troops had evacuated Snake Island in the Black Sea, emphasizing that this was a “goodwill gesture” by Moscow in light of the ongoing military operation in Ukrαine. At the start of the Ukrαine War, Russiα seized control of this tiny island (in February). Due to its proximity to shipping channels near to the Ukrαiniαn port of Odessa, it is of strategic importance. Only 18 hectares wide, Snake Island is a sliver of land 40 kilometers off the NATO member nation of Romania’s coast. Ukrαiniαn forces have attempted to reclaim the island over the past few months but have fallen short, losing numerous soldiers, fighter jets, and drones in the process.

The Ukrαiniαn military most recently made a film of its men raising a sizable flag on Snake Island in the Black Sea. On the other hand, on the same day, a party of Ukrαiniαn soldiers traveled to the island to hoist the flag when the Russiαn Defense Ministry said that it had begun airstrikes on a Ukrαiniαn target on Snake Island. The Russiαn Ministry of Defense reported that at 5:00 am, some Ukrαiniαn personnel arrived on Snake Island by motorboats and hoisted the flag for photos.

A Russiαn aircraft fired a pinpoint missile at Snake Island right away, killing numerous Ukrαiniαn personnel.The military of Ukrαine acknowledged the early-morning Russiαn airstrike and reported that two missiles had been fired at the island, damaging the pier.