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Australian Army to acquire 29 new AH-64E Apache αttαck helicopters to replace its Tiger helicopters

The Government of Australia has unveiled plans to procure 29 new AH-64E Apache αttαck helicopters for the Australian Army. The new AH-64E helicopters will replace the service’s existing Tiger helicopters.

“Boeing will continue to expand its industry capability and supply chain in Australia by selecting Australian suppliers to support this critical programme,” Boeing Defence Australia managing director Scott Carpendale said.

The AH-64E Apache advanced and fully-integrated capabilities are cσmbat proven by more than 1.2 million cσmbat flight hours in service with the US Army and a global fleet of more than 1200 helicopters across 16 countries. The Apache is the most tested, proven αttαck helicopter flying today, with more than 4.6 million flight hours by the US Army alone.

According to Boeing Australia, the only platform that meets all of the Australian Army’s expected LAND 4503 program (that aims to acquire a proven and mature, off-the-shelf manned armed helicopter to deliver armed reconnaissance effects in the close and deep contested battlespace in support of the Australian Defence Force) requirements without modification.

The AH-64E Apache offers proven Link 16 networking and Manned Unmanned Teaming Unmanned Aerial System integration capability today. The other contenders for LAND 4503 program were the Bell AH-1Z Viper and the ARH Tiger Upgrade.