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A Scary Situation In Kitchen, A Man Discovers Two Enormous Pythons Fighting

This is the terrifying moment a guy saw two enormous pythons fighting for a mate in his kitchen. The reptiles become intertwined as they crawl over the tiled floor in the film, which was recorded in a secluded Brisbane suburb.

The homeowner indicated that he kept one of the pythons in the ceiling above his bedroom to keep pests at bay, therefore the situation came as no surprise to him. ‘Throughout the warmer seasons, I’ve been aware of one of these snakes living in the ceiling above my bedroom,’ he told Newsflare.

‘That isn’t an issue for me because these pythons are smaller and valuable for pest management, as well as keeping the toxic snakes on the property at away,’ said the owner. ‘When I walked out of my shed on Sunday, I noticed the tail of a large snake inside the kitchen,’ he said of his discovery of the snake war.

The snake slithered behind a table and disappeared. When I turned back to see where it was going, it’d already wrapped itself around the other snake, preparing to fight. I’m thinking they were battling over a female python nearby.’