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A man spends almost 15000 dollars to keep his dog’s hair stylist every day

An owner, that spent more than 15000 dollars on his dog

A Chinese man named Kevin Chan, is the owner of the most beautiful and stylish dog in the world named Afghan Hound AJ Nirvana Battle. He has already spent more than 100000 Chinese Yuan, that is similar to 15000+ US dollars and 6-8 hours of each week trying to keep his dog’s hair beautiful.

Chan says, that Battle was already the most stunning dog in the world when they first met and he likes to spent his time and money on his dog as he’s a real family member.

The dog is given baths 7 to 10 days and all this does his owner himself. All the styling products cost him 100000 Chinese Yuan and he also spent 5000 for bathing products.

The dog’s owner is a marketing director in Beijing and he even bought a camera to capture his lovely pet in the best modelling poses.