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What Was That Mysterious Creature, Dwarf, Alien, or What Was That Kyshtym Being?

The Kyshtym Dwarf, also known as Alyoshenka (a diminutive of the Russian male first name Alexey), is a humanoid artifact discovered in 1996 in the outskirts of Kyshtym in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia, depicting mysterious mummified remains of biological origin.

Tamara Vasilyevna Prosvirina, a mentally ill pensioner, saw a weird “monster” in the hamlet of Kaolinovoe near Kyshtym in May 1996. A lonely retiree received a “telepathic directive” to get up and immediately go to the graveyard.

Due to a mental ailment, the retiree, on the other hand, frequented the cemetery, selecting flowers and even bringing images of the deceased home from the monuments.

Tamara Vasilievna was usually peaceful, didn’t offend anyone, and only went to a mental institution when she was under a lot of stress. So it’s no wonder that her “strolling” around the graveyard on a dark night didn’t worry her.

Another oddity: when the lady answered the “call,” she discovered the person who had contacted her. The sweet old lady decided to take the small creature with the big eyes home with her, covering it in cloth, feeding it, and naming her “new son” Alyoshenka.

Tamara only had her odd child for three weeks. Neighbors began to notice something peculiar about her behavior: when was the last time you saw an old woman giving birth? The locals went to the physicians, who admitted the elderly woman to a mental facility. She sobbed and stated that a kid had been abandoned in her home…

Tamara, on the other hand, experienced no hallucinations, either visual or aural. Galina Alferova, her daughter-in-law, and a relative all saw a bizarre creature.

The busy ladies, on the other hand, didn’t pay any attention to the “unknown little animal,” which was sucking on caramel, curd, and milk while sipping water from a spoon.

The bizarre “baby” died after being abandoned in an empty house without even the most basic of care from his grandma.

During a search, the name “Alyoshenka” was uncovered. A little body’s skin was wrinkled and dry, with many wrinkles.

The body was then investigated by a team of professionals, including pathologists and gynecologists, who concluded that it was neither human nor neonatal. He stood out from the rest of the group with his striking appearance.


The bones and cranium did not appear to be human-like. Even though a species may mutate extremely dramatically, it is difficult to alter to such a degree.

Ufologists were intrigued by the bones, which were given the moniker “Alyoshenka” since they were not human. The mummies went from hand to hand for a long time, then vanished… Ufologists believe it was taken by aliens, despite the fact that one “New Russian” from Yekaterinburg claims it is in his own collection.

It is, however, impossible to establish the exact site of the odd species.