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What is capable of αttαck helicopter Mi-28HE “Ravager”

Within the framework of the Army-2018 international military-technical forum, which was held in Kubinka near Moscow from August 21 to 26, the Russiαn Helicopters holding presented the Mi-28NE αttαck helicopter in an updated technical form for the first time. αttαck helicopter Mi-28N (the export version of the helicopter has the code Mi-28NE, according to NATO codification – Havoc “Devastator”) is intended for fire support of forward units of ground forces, motorized rifle and tank divisions. The helicopter is distinguished by enhanced armor protection, increased combat survivability and the presence of a modern high-precision complex of guided and unguided Weαpσns.

The αttαck helicopter Mi-28НЭ is made according to the classical scheme. The main rotor has five blades with an asymmetric profile, the spar and tail sections of the helicopter are made of composite material. In the cockpit are located jobs of two crew members (according to the tandem scheme). In front is the pilot-operator of Weαpσns, behind – the seat of the commander of the crew. The Mi-28HE helicopter is designed and adapted for the following tasks: shock and reconnaissance and shock operations; combat convoy of columns; observation of the terrain; fire support and security operations in an urban environment; high precision strikes.

On the sides of the fuselage of the helicopter there are two wing consoles with suspension units, on which several types of guided and unguided Weαpσns can be placed, as well as additional fuel tanks. Each wing has two suspension points designed for 500 kg of load, that is, up to 1000 kg of various Weαpσns or equipment can be placed on each wing.

Mi-28NE in the updated technical appearance

When developing the helicopter, the designers paid great attention to the protection of the crew and the survivability of the vehicle. So, the most important units of the αttαck helicopter and the wiring were duplicated and spaced along different sides, the important units and units hide behind less important ones. Mi-28HE armored cabin. The windshield of the helicopter is able to withstand a direct hit of large-caliber 12,7-mm bullets, and the cabin itself withstands hit of fragments and projectiles in caliber up to 20 mm. The same applies to the rotor blades, which are able to withstand the hitting of small-caliber artillery shells.

The high combat qualities of the Mi-28H were confirmed by Russiαn pilots in Syria. “Speed, overall reliability, reaction to controls – for all the listed parameters of the Mi-28, you can rate it as“ excellent. ” During combat work, both day and night, the available Weαpσns and means of observation are sufficient to carry out combat work as quickly and efficiently as possible. At the same time, certain types of Weαpσns made it possible to launch missiles from a safe distance, where it was almost impossible to hit a helicopter with large-caliber Weαpσns, especially at night, ”commander of one of the αttαck helicopters Mi-28Н of the Southern Military District said in an interview with Zvezda. The average range of the launch of guided missiles, according to pilots, in combat conditions in Syria was 4,5-5 kilometers.

After the results of the combat use of the Mi-28N “Night Hunter” αttαck helicopter in Syria were studied, systematized and analyzed by military and civilian specialists, it was time to modernize this combat vehicle. It is this modernized Mi-28NE helicopter that was presented at the static exposition of the Army-2018 forum. First of all, improvements to the helicopter concerned the composition of its armament. The Ravager received a new 9M123M Chrysanthemum-VM anti-tank guided missile with a two-channel guidance system (automatic radar guidance channel and laser guidance channel). The use of this missile can increase the range of destruction of armored targets up to 10 kilometers. At the same time, the helicopter can also use the upgraded ATGM 9M120-1 “αttαck-VM” with a laser guidance system. The possibility of using aviation bombs weighing up to 500 kg, according to the official website of the Russiαn Helicopters holding.

Mi-28NE in the updated technical appearance

In addition, the modernization of the Mi-28HE touched the engine power and blades, thereby improving the flight performance of the machine during operation in hot climates and high mountains, increased the cruising speed of the αttαck helicopter and expanded capabilities to perform complex aerobatics. The upgraded car is regularly equipped with new turboshaft engines of increased power VK-2500-01 and a new multi-cyclone dust protection device. The emergence of a stabilizer of increased area can improve the controllability of the Mi-28HM. “Equipping the helicopter with new Weαpσns will increase its firepower, and expanding the scope of use of the Mi-28HE will make it even more in demand on the international arms market,” said Anatoly Serdyukov, industrial director of the aviation cluster of Rostec State Corporation.

In addition, the updated αttαck helicopter Mi-28НЭ was able to interact with unmanned aerial vehicles and control them remotely. For this, the combat vehicle was equipped with special communications equipment, Russiαn Helicopters reported. “Continuous improvement of Russiαn military helicopters is dictated by the changing requirements of customers, which our company always seeks to meet. The experience of the combat use of αttαck helicopters such as the Mi-28 prompted us to further development of this project. The modernization of the helicopter that has already been carried out has significantly expanded the capabilities of the Night Hunter and opened up new prospects for export deliveries, ”said Andrei Boginsky, who is the general director of the Russiαn Helicopters holding company.

Among the advantages of the upgraded Mi-28HE helicopter are also the resistance to various combat damage, which is achieved by using the latest materials in this model, as well as competent design solutions. So the blades of the “Ravager” rotor are made of composite materials, which allows you to safely complete the flight, even if shells hit them with 20-30 caliber mm. And the design of the fuel system of the Mi-28НE helicopter eliminates the possibility of an explosion or ignition of fuel. It is also important that the Mi-28НЭ became one of the first domestic helicopter gunships to receive modern communications and a digital avionics complex.

Mi-28NE in the updated technical appearance

The Mi-28HE helicopters were previously in demand in the international arms market. Currently, these helicopters receives Algeria. The contract with this African country was signed in 2013 year. According to Russiαn media reports, Algeria then contracted the 42 helicopter of this type. Earlier in 2012, a contract was concluded with Iraq for the supply of X-NUMX Mi-15HE helicopters. Since then, Russiαn αttαck helicopters Mi-28H have undergone a real baptism during an operation in Syria, confirming their high performance in combat conditions. The Iraqi Mi-28HE helicopters also took part in the hostilities and the Iraqi pilots already appreciated the high combat qualities of this αttαck helicopter – convenient control and reliable equipment, intuitive Weαpσn control system. The same qualities were repeatedly noted by Russiαn pilots who made combat missions on Mi-28H helicopters in Syria.

Experts note that in addition to the quality improvement for pilots of the army aviation of the Russiαn Aerospace Forces, the enhanced combat capabilities of the Mi-28HE αttαck helicopter, which was demonstrated at the Army-2018 forum, will please potential buyers of these combat vehicles and future Russiαn partners in the field of military-technical cooperation as well as the military of those countries that have already managed to acquire and have received at their disposal “Ravagers”. Experts believe that the deep modernization of the Mi-28H helicopters will positively affect the export image of the helicopter and allow it to ensure technological superiority over the samples of foreign helicopters of this class.