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(VIDEO)War Begin: 25 China Jet Return To Attack, US Give Taiwan New Anti-Ship Weapon To Hit Back

25 China jet return to attack, US Give Taiwan.

New Anti-Ship Weapon to hit back China sent 25 warplanes into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone on Monday, the largest breach of that space since the island began regularly reporting such activity in September, Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said.

The Chinese flights came a day after the US secretary of state warned Beijing that Washington was committed to the defense of the democratic, self-governed island, which China considers part of its sovereign territory.

On his first trip to Asia as United States President last week, Joe Biden gave his strongest warning yet to Beijing that Washington was committed to defending Taiwan militarily in the event of an attack from China.

Biden’s comments, which compared a potential Chinese attack on Taiwan to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, appeared to deviate from Washington’s decades-old policy of “strategic ambiguity” on the issue and seemingly raised the possibility of a military clash between US and Chinese forces.

It’s the third time Biden has made similar remarks since taking office and, just as on the other two occasions, they were quickly walked back by the White House — which insists its policy has not changed. However, it inevitably raises the question: if China tries to take Taiwan, are the United States and its allies able to stop it?

And the alarming answer is: Quite possibly not. Analysts say China has more troops, more missiles and more ships than Taiwan or its possible supporters, like the US or Japan, could bring to a fight. That means that if China is absolutely determined to take the island it probably can.

But there’s a caveat; while China could likely prevail, any victory would come at an extremely bloody price for both Beijing and its adversaries.