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Russiα Uses Unmanned Helicopters To Draw Out Ukrαiniαn Air Defenses

Russiαn troops appear to use its helicopter-type unmanned aerial systems in an effort to draw out Ukrαinian air defenses.

Ukrαiniαn troops claimed Wednesday that they shot down a Russiαn heavy rotary-wing drone by the British-made Starstreak missile system.

Photos of the wreckage of this unmanned aerial system were blasted across social media.

The footage showed that the drone was completely disintegrated but it is possible to identify the rotor and tail boom as well as the label that matches the Russiαn drone target developed by the JSC CSTS Dinamika, part of Technodinamika Group.

The system with an unmanned aerial vehicle (target drones) is designed to simulate low-speed drones and helicopters when testing prototype and modernized weαpσns.

It includes a helicopter-type unmanned aerial vehicle with a take-off weight of over 315 kg, a ground control station, ground support facilities for the complex, and other equipment.

According to developers, the UAV complex simulates the behavior of air targets, allowing you to test new weαpσns in conditions as close as possible to combat.

Apparently, the Russiαn military is now using these systems to identify the positions of the Ukrαinian air defense forces.