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US supplied end-to-end DroneDefender anti-drone device to Ukrαine

The US Department of Defense has delivered the DroneDefender anti-drone device to the armed forces of Ukrαine. It is American-made and is in service only in the US army [now also in the Ukrαiniαn army].

A photo shared on social media shows a Ukrαiniαn soldier holding a DroneDefender. Since the United States is the operator of DroneDefender – logically, the United States is the alleged supplier.

DroneDefender is developed and manufactured by DeDrone. The device boots up in less than a second. the range is up to 2 km. With its batteries fully charged, the DroneDefender can operate continuously for up to 2 hours. It has an integrated VR simulator and weighs about 7 kg. Integrated GPS and SD memory cards are additional conveniences.

The manufacturer describes its product as a very good means of jamming the most commonly used frequencies of enemy drones. This includes the GNSS spectrum and effectively countering a wide range of COTS UAS.

DroneDefender is a device that is easy to deploy and easy to use. It can capture information and has a mute mode. Its application is wide: from embassies, and observation towers, its use in convoy units, port protection, forward operating base protection for deployed military units, etc.


Not for the first time since the beginning of the wαr, photos published on social networks reveal the military equipment of the Ukrαiniαn armed forces. For example, a similar photo revealed in July that the Ukrαiniαns were using a self-made anti-drone device. It is about the KVS G-6 developed and manufactured by the Ukrαiniαn company Kvertus Technology.

KVS G-6 uses radio signals to disrupt the control of the drone, has a range of three and a half kilometers, and a battery life of 30 minutes. According to the manufacturer, the weαpσn can disrupt the transmission of video and remote control at 2.4 and 5 GHz, as well as GPS L2 [and L1] and Glonass signals. In addition, there are disc, amplified, and directional antennas.