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US F-35 Enters Warzone Fires Four AIM-120 AMRAAM

F-35 fighter aircraft armed with AIM-120 ‘Deadly’ missiles are deployed for NATO policing missions.

The F-35 has been deployed for NATO policing missions in the Black Sea and the Baltic region since the start of Russiα’s military operation against Ukrαine in late February. Some of the NATO countries that operate the aircraft, such as the Netherlands and Italy, have urged their aircraft to support NATO police missions in Eastern Europe.

However, the plane has yet to unify the airspace over the Balkans. Thus, the enthusiasm shown in the recent exercises in North Macedonia demonstrates the determination to strengthen the alliance further.

Operation F-35 from Airport in the Republic of North Macedonia is the clearest example of the strategic partnership and mutual trust between the US and the Republic of North Macedonia.

In May, US troops joined other NATO members to demonstrate combat readiness in North Macedonia, the newest member of the alliance. A month later, on June 17, the United States’ F-35 stealth fighter made a stunning appearance in these Southeast European countries.

In another round of drills held to provide security assurances to the country, a pair of American F-35 fighters landed at Petrovec Airport near Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia.

The F-35 fighter, belonging to the Vermont Air National Guard, is part of a detachment stationed at Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany for NATO air policing. NATO air policing operations have increased and become more coordinated since Russiα launched its invasion of Ukrαine.

The stealth fighters were armed with AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missiles or AMRAAM when they landed at Petrovec. The F-35’s landing at Petrovec is the first time a stealth fighter has landed in North Macedonia or any other Balkan state.

The purpose of sending the jets to North Macedonia is to demonstrate the operational concept of Agile Combat Employment and support the NATO alliance. The organization is currently considering ways to strengthen the defenses of its East wing to prevent further aggression. – Both F-35s have a pair of AIM-120s mounted on interior doors, respectively. A yellow ring around the front of the body, indicating the presence of a high-explosive warhead, clearly identifies the missile as a live bullet. According to The WarZone, two more missiles are likely to be dropped.

The F-35 can carry four AIM-120 AAMRAMs in its internal train, a new generation all-weather weαpσn manufactured by Raytheon. The first AIM-120 AMRAAM was fired from an F-35A fighter five years ago in February 2017.