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US F-35 Enters warzone Drops four 500 pound GBU-12 bombs

The F-35 is ‘appropriately designed’ to fight and win in the type of wαr taking place in Ukrαine.

The F-35s have flown missions in stealth mode near the Ukrαraian border, although it is unclear whether they are conducting regular patrols to deter Russia or using their electronic capabilities to monitor troops in and around Ukrαine.

Nevertheless, their presence so close to the conflict zone has had an impact, according to Flynn.

Having the jets fly along NATO’s eastern flank “is a significant deterrent” against Russian forces “continuing their ambition to push further east. Because the F-35 is an extraordinary lethal threat.

“The F-35’s capacity to neutralize adversaries cannot be matched by any other aircraft flying in someone else’s air force.

The weαpσns he carried were varied. In a configuration known as “animal mode”, it carries four 500-pound GBU-12 laser-guided bombs on its wings, two GBU-12s in its internal weαpσns bay, and an AIM-9 air-to-air heat seeker. guided missiles. That configuration sacrifices stealth for firepower.