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US F-22 intercept any Russiαn warplane approaching Poland airspace

The U.S. military says Russiαn military surveillance aircraft entered the Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zone on two separate occasions over the past two days.

U.S. F-22 fighter jets intercepted the second aircraft upon entering the airspace, a defense official told VOA. Both entries involved the same type of Russiαn surveillance aircraft, the official added.

This is the first reported incident of Russiαn military aircraft nearing Alaskan airspace in 2022, but sightings have become common in recent years.

Russiαn military aircraft were tracked in the Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zone 14 times in 2020, a high in recent years, with six such incidents occurring within a span of just one month.

Speaking to VOA earlier this year, Senator Dan Sullivan of Alaska said the U.S. military has had to “scramble” more fighter jets in recent years to intercept Russiαn military aircraft “probably more than any other time since the mid-1980s.”

“They’re aggressive here, too, and the only thing that [Russiαn President Vladimir] Putin understands, and the only thing in my view that [Chinese President] Xi Jinping understands in this new era of authoritarian aggression is power,” Sullivan said.

Putin’s ‘Stealth’ Headache: F-22 Raptors To Fly Out Of Poland

Poland wants to guarantee a continued U.S. military presence in its country. The need is especially clear as Russiα carries on its brutal campaign against Ukrαine.

There is perhaps no better way to benefit from U.S. military power than to keep some of America’s best fighter planes flying out of Poland. F-35 Lightning IIs have been conducting NATO policing missions for the last three months.

Now 12 U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptors will join the action, and they will be patrolling from one of the most forward-deployed and hazardous areas in the world.

Fighters to Shield and Protect

NATO policing missions are conducted every day, around the clock, to keep the alliance’s skies safe. The operations they carry out are peaceful and defensive, but all pilots know the stakes are high when it comes to facing down Russiα.

The F-22s thus will have a pivotal and even dangerous job. Theirs is an aerial rapid-response mission to deal with any Russiαn airplanes that might sneak into Poland’s air defense identification zone.