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US Bell 360 helicopter ‘destroyed’ a Russiα’s S-400 ant-aircraft weαpσn system (video)

US company Bell Helicopters demonstrates in a provocative video how their latest Bell 360 helicopter model destroys Russiα’s S-400 air defense system, learned quoting news agency AviaPro.

Judging from the video above, we’re really talking about the S-400 Triumph air defense system based on the BAZ truck, however.

This video has already raised a lot of questions among Russiαn and American specialists, as both sides know that the capabilities of Russiαn air defense systems, even at the relatively low altitude of the Bell 360 Invictus attack helicopter, are quite serious and the helicopter would be destroyed more 50 km. from the location of the systems.

“In the video, a reconnaissance and attack helicopter flies over uneven terrain, then launches a rocket over a convoy that conjures up silhouettes of an air defense system that are remarkably similar to the S-400 Triumph systems in Russiα. A rocket blast from a US helicopter destroys radar and two launchers. The US reacts negatively to the supplies of the Russiαn air defense system to the world. Buyers of the S-400 are already Turkey, as well as China and India,” reports RenTV

Experts call such a video provocative, noting that in the United States they consider Russiαn systems very dangerous and try not even to approach them at a distance of several hundred kilometers – the only exception is intelligence planes trying to determine the frequencies of Russiαn systems for Air Defense.

“Such “cartoons “do not at all reveal the capabilities of US attack helicopters. Should I remind American “colleagues” that approaches to S-400 positional areas are covered by air defense systems such as “Tor”, “Pantsir-S”, etc.?” some Russiαn specialists said.

Recalls that some Turkish military engeneers and specialists have published a report few days ago that Russiαn S-400 has some problems when air target is located at an altitude of 1 kilometer

According to them [the Turkish specialists] when an air target is located at an altitude of 1 kilometer, the effective range of its detection and destruction is only 70-180 kilometers (depending on the terrain – approx. Ed.), And when the target is at an altitude of less than one kilometer, we are talking about defeat aerodynamic targets only a few tens of kilometers away.