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US B-52 released three GBU-32 bσmb near Russiα, Escort by two JAS 39 Gripen

Dassault Rafales, Saab Gripens Escort US Nuke-Capable B-52 Bσmbers Amid Russiαn Military Aggression In Europe.

On September 2, American B-52 bσmbers flew low above Stockholm’s parliament and palace, marking the first time the aircraft had flown over the Swedish capital. This comes as Sweden increases joint military drills with the US in preparation for the Scandinavian country’s NATO membership.

Meanwhile, the Swedish Military said that JAS Gripen fighters escorted the two US Air Force aircraft as they flew above the city at about 12:15 p.m. (1015 GMT) on September 2.

Last month, US Air Force B-52 bσmbers trained with Swedish and Norwegian fighter aircraft before landing at RAF Fairford air base in England. The bσmbers were deployed as part of the Bσmber Task Force.

This kind of exercise highlights the existing solid military ties that exist between NATO and Sweden. The EurAsian Times had earlier reported that four American B-52s deployed from the Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota to Fairford Air Force base in the UK.

The bσmbers participated in bσmber task force exercises on August 18, west of Andya, North Norway, together with two Swedish JAS Gripen and two Norwegian F-35 fighter aircraft

The Swedish JAS 39 Gripen aircraft flew alongside the B-52s as they soared over Swedish airspace and bσmbed the targets that the Swedish ground forces had identified in the terrain on the Vidsel firing range. American bσmbers released three GBU-32 munitions

Given that Sweden could soon join NATO, the B-52-led training exercises were deemed to be crucial

French Rafales Escorts B-52S

On August 31, 2022, two US B-52s were escorted by two NATO French Rafales as they integrated with Allied Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs) from Italy, said NATO in a press statement.

The B-52s flew from RAF Fairford and cruised over central Europe to operate with French and Italian Special Operations units in air-land integration drills. This integration was crucial for providing training for Allied Close Air Support.

Early in 2021, B-1Bs moved to central Norway and conducted their first operations from Norwegian territory. Using what is thought to be a useful outpost in the North Atlantic, B-2s first deployed to Iceland in September 2021.

B-52s frequently fly over the Arctic as part of Bσmber Task Force deployments.