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Russiα to deliver 14 heavy-haul helicopters Mil Mi-26T2 to Algeria

Russiαn Helicopters Holding’s Rostvertol JSC is implementing two contracts for the delivery of modernized heavy-haul helicopters Mil Mi-26T2 to Algeria, a source in the defense sector told Interfax-AVN on Aug. 19.

“The first contract provides the delivery of six Mi-26T2 helicopters to the customer, and eight helicopters of this kind will be delivered under the other contract,” he said.

The first two helicopters were supplied to Algeria under the first contract in spring of this year. “Another two helicopters will be shipped before the end of this year and the remaining two will be dispatched in the beginning of next year. After that the deliveries will begin under the other contract,” the source said.

In addition to the delivery of helicopters, the contracts provide coaching of Algerian pilots and technicians, he said.

“The delivery under the second contract is due to end in 2017. Hence, Algeria will possess 14 Mil Mi-26T2 helicopters in two years,” he said.