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There Is A Strange Leaked Video Showing US Military Transporting The Roswell Alien

If there is one place on Earth that proves we are not alone in the universe, it is without a doubt Roswell, New Mexico.

The reason for this is that in July 1947, there were several reports of UFO encounters in the region.

Many individuals think the thing, or whatever it was, dropped near Area 51, the United States Air Force Base.

What is obvious is that unexplained debris and the wreckage of a possible spacecraft were discovered by a significant number of witnesses. All of these hypotheses claimed that aliens from other worlds had visited Roswell.

Despite this, troops confirmed that the debris was from a weather balloon. This did not, however, put a stop to speculation, and many individuals speculated that the government was concealing all that occurred in July 1947.

Now, a new video has gone viral, implying that many of those who accused the military of covering up the Roswell incident were accurate.

A group of military people is seen dragging something on a gurney in the clip. Please spend a few moments viewing the video below and let me know your thoughts.