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The United States Air Force is reportedly sending its strategic bombers to Europe

The United States Air Force is reportedly sending its strategic bombers to Europe, close to Russiα, when there is an uptick in military operations against Russiαn-occupied Ukrαiniαn territory.

According to local Russiαn media reports and speculations on social media, four American strategic bombers are expected to arrive in Europe in the coming days.

There are reports the B-52s have already arrived.

These reports come a day after Russiαn Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the United States and Britain were planning the Ukrαiniαn military operations and that NATO had increased its troop deployment in Eastern and Central Europe “several times over.”

The B-52 bombers will first need to be stationed at a military air base in the United Kingdom.

According to Gloucestershire Live, the American long-range bombers deployed in the UK earlier this year will return to Fairford Air Force Base next week.

American B-52 strategic bombers could be deployed to Europe from the Minot Air Force Base in the United States. Minot Air Base in North Dakota is where the 5th Bomb Wing operates 26 B-52s from.

EurAsian Times could not independently verify these claims.

However, there seems to be a concerted effort on the part of the United States, which is actively using its Bombers to create deterrence with its adversaries.

For instance, it sent its B-1 Lancers and B-2 Spirit Bombers to Australia to conduct Bomber Task Force exercises. The American bombers have been in Australia for more than a month, as reported by EurAsian Times.

In March, the bombers flew across Central Europe and nations bordering the Black Sea to practice close-air-support operations with ground troops.