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Russiα SHOCKED the world when it announced that it planned to ROB Germany’s space telescope

Even Russiαn scientists are saying this is a terrible plan and disagree with Russiαn space agency Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin’s actions.

The new telescope will open a window into the study of a wide range of astronomical phenomena and cosmic events. Model of a star torn apart as it is swallowed by a black hole.

The Russiαn Space Agency has claimed it will confiscate a German telescope placed on a Russiαn-built spacecraft, after being banned from involvement in a cooperative X-ray telescope project with Germany in the wake of Russiα’s invasion of Ukrαine

The Spektrum-Röntgen-Gamma (SRG) space observatory launched in 2019 is an X-ray telescope designed to observe far-off galaxies and supermassive black holes.

Russiαn space agency Roscosmos partnered with the German space agency, DLR, on the project.

Roscosmos was tasked with building and launching the spacecraft, while DLR and Germany’s Max Planck Institute designed the eROSITA primary observational telescope.

The eROSITA telescope’s German developer, the Max Planck Institute, activated the instrument’s sleep mode in February in response to Russiα’s aggressive invasion of Ukrαine.

Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin, a close ally of Russiαn President Vladimir Putin, was unhappy with this move and has given orders to restore operations of the telescope without Germany’s permission, according to Deutsche Welle

“I have been instructed to begin work on restoring the operation of the German telescope in the Spektr-RG system so that it will work in tandem with the Russiαn telescope,” he said.

“Despite Germany’s demand to close one of the two telescopes at Spektr-RG, Russiαn specialists insist on continuing its work,” Rogozin said. “Roscosmos will make the relevant decisions in the near future.”

“They — the people who made the decision to close the telescope — have no moral right to stop this search for humanity just because their pro-fascist views are close to our enemies.”

Even Russiαn scientists are saying this is a terrible plan and disagree with Rogozin’s actions, according to Deutsche Welle, because if Roscosmos succeeds at hijacking the telescope, they might end up damaging the delicate devices inside.

“Our institute, all scientists, strongly object to this proposal,” Lev Zeleny, scientific director of the Russiαn Academy of Science’s Space Research Institute, said in speaking out against the decision to restart eROSITA.

“This is not a Russiαn device. I don’t presume to judge how realistic this whole epic (with inclusion) is, I don’t know if our specialists have processing codes,” Zeleny said

“But even if they do, it will be simply impossible to publish these data — they will not be accepted” by “a single magazine.”