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Russiαn Shocked (Sep 21) 50 NATO wαrship, 5 sub & warplane intercept Russiαn wαrships in Black Sea

Dynamic Mariner 22: NATO wαrships Are Submarines Are Training For wαr (Against Russiα?)
More than 50 NATO wαrships have joined forces in one of the most extensive European maritime exercises just a few hundred miles from the wαr in Ukrαine.

Dynamic Mariner 22

All in all, 50 surface wαrships, 5 submarines, 5 aircraft, and 1,500 sailors and marines from 12 NATO member states are taking part in exercise Dynamic Mariner 22, which is hosted by Turkey.

The exercise is taking place just south of the Black Sea from where the Russiαn Navy is attacking Ukrαine.

Some of the mission sets the NATO forces are drilling during the exercises are anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, mine countermeasures, amphibious, hybrid, and force protection, and maritime and air strike operations.

The following countries committed assets and personnel to the exercise: Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Romania, Spain, and the U.S.

“Dynamic Mariner is an incredibly important large-scale maritime exercise. This year’s event includes more assets than ever before, facilitating increased interoperability between our nations and enhancing operational readiness. We continue to work closely with Turkey and other Allies and Partners to deter aggression and defend the Alliance,” French Navy Vice Admiral Didier Piaton, the deputy commander of MARCOM, said in a press release.

The NATO Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM) is the central command for all of the transatlantic alliance’s maritime forces. The command is headquartered in Northwood, in the United Kingdom, and its commander is the main NATO maritime advisor.

MARCOM forms part of NATO’s triad, with NATO Allied Land Command (LANDCOM) and NATO Allied Air Command (AIRCOM) filling up the two other slots. All three commands report to the transatlantic alliance’s Allied Command Operations (ACO), which is headquartered in Belgium.