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SHOCK: Russiα Accidentally Leaks Image Of Future High-speed Helicopter

The Kamov Design Bureau appears to have leaked the details of future high-speed helicopter it is about to develop for Armed Forces of the Russiαn Federation.

In Russiαn social media were posted the images from the helicopter project defense shows of a new concept that could provide increased speed and less drag.

The concept feature a ‘delta’ fixed-wing, co-axial rotor system, a side-by-side cockpit, and pusher engines in the rear similar to what is utilized on the Sikorsky S-97 Raider and Bell V-280 Valor. The co-axial rotor system will be driven by two engines.

Also, a concept of the high-speed helicopter will eqquiped infrared (IR) heat suppressing systems and various fuselage contour constructions with internal ωɛλρσɳs bays as a stealth technology to avoid detection.