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Saudi National Guard receives first batch of Boeing AH-6SA Little Bird helicopters

The Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG) has received its first batch of Boeing AH-6SA Little Bird reconnaissance helicopters.

The first batch of new Boeing AH-6SA Little Bird reconnaissance helicopters arrived in Saudi Arabia on 4 June, said the spokesperson of the Ministry of National Guard, Major Mohamad Omari. The reconnaissance helicopters arrived at airbase of 1st Aviation Brig at Khashm Al-Aan.

The AH-6SA is a special attack variant of the MH-6 light helicopter for the Saudi Arabia National Guard.

The AH-6 is a highly capable light attack / armed reconnaissance helicopter specifically designed with superior performance characteristics and flexible, easily configurable mission equipment ideal for Light Attack, Precision Attack, Anti-armor.

Close Combat Attacks, Reconnaissance, Security & Escort, Troop Insertion/Extraction, Combat Search & Rescue.