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SAS unit trains Ukrαiniαn to dҽstrσy Russiαn tanks using NLAW ATWs

According to the publications, the training of the Ukrαiniαn soldiers was aimed at working with more than 800 anti-tank guided missiles NLAW delivered from London.

The news was confirmed to The Times by two British officers stationed in different battalions around the capital. Reports of the presence of British special forces in Ukrαine came after Russiαn  television announced that the supply of Weαpσns to Ukrαine and the training of its military could be accepted by Moscow as the cause of World wαr III.

The Times spoke with Ukrαiniαn officers. Captain Yuri Mironenko and an officer of the Ukrαiniαn special forces, nicknamed “Skiff”. Mironenko told the British newspaper that recruits were returning to the ranks of his military unit after training by British special forces. The training ended two weeks ago. It aimed to teach recruits how to work with NLAWs.

The other interviewee from the British newspaper – Skiff, also confirmed that he had been trained to work with NLAWs. According to him, if this training had not been carried out, Ukrαiniαns would have continued to train using videos from YouTube. However, Skiff says the training is not complicated and actually took about five minutes.

“They were good guys, the British,” Skiff was quoted as saying. “They invited us to visit them when the wαr was over,” The Times wrote. Skiff added: “We had a good preparation. The British officers were here two weeks ago in our unit and trained us really well. And because we have had success, we now have confidence.”

The British Ministry of Defense declined to comment on reports of the involvement of British special forces in the training process of Ukrαiniαn troops. The British Ministry of Defense has had a convention for many years, which forbids commenting on the activities of the country’s special forces.

NLAW (Next generation Light Anti-tank Weαpσn);