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Quicksink – The Bσmb that Can Blast a Ship Out of the Sea in One ʜɪᴛ

For decades, there has only been one conventional weαpσn capable of completely destroying an enemy warship in a single ʜɪᴛ: The torpedo. Still, recent footage taken by the US Air Force shows a new imposing weαpσn that aims to have the same effect on enemy vessels… but this time the projectile drops from the sky.

The so-called ‘Quicksink’ bσmb is designed as an intelligent and inexpensive solution to engage naval targets with the same destructive power as a torpedo, but with the crucial particularity that it is deployed from a warplane.

The eye-opening footage shows a large cargo ship stationed in the Gulf of Mexico when, in a split second, a projectile falls right beside her, exploding underwater.

The massive cargo ship is then torn in half by the potent blast in a spectacular display of power, representing a highly significant moment in US military history that could radically transform the future of naval warfare…