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Photographer for National Geographic Admits to Encountering Strange Underwater Alien Beings

Luis Lamar is regarded as one of the best in his area. He’s spent the most of his career as a professional photographer for National Geographic and Ocean X, and many experts consider him to be one of the best in the field.

That being said, he just made a statement in an interview with the War Zone in which he revealed his interaction with a USO.

He claims he spotted sharks and orcas approaching him at random while swimming around trying to grab some great photos of the surroundings.

He crouched and hid till they were gone. The stingray-like animals that looked to be alien in origin were soon discovered by him.

Despite the fact that he discovered massive deep-sea arachnids, deadly snakes, and other species, he maintains that this was not an ordinary human. He has a lot of experience shooting things he’s never seen before, but he claims he was positive at the moment that the creatures weren’t from this place.