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NOW WATCH: Terrible battle in the air, Russiα’s Su-35 Flanker-E flagship was shot down by Ukrαine in the sky over Kherson

One of the latest Russiαn fighter jets and the flagship of the Russiαn Air Force, the Su-35 Flanker-E, was shot down during a dogfight with a Ukrαiniαn fighter in the skies over Kherson, Ukrαine.

According to Ukrαiniαn sources, the pilot managed to eject and survived. The pilot was evacuated from the crash site by Russiαn troops in the area.

“Around 8:00 p.m. on July 19, a Russiαn fighter jet was shot down by the Anti-Aircraft Missile Troops unit of the Armed Forces of Ukrαine in the Nova Kakhovka area,” the Ukrαiniαn Air Force said in a Twitter post in Tuesday.

A video is being shared on social networks, which is said to have recorded the moment when the Russiαn fighter jet of the 4++ generation falls to the ground after the air battle with the Ukrαiniαn plane.

The Ukrαiniαn Air Force does not say what kind of plane the Ukrαiniαn pilot fought the dogfight with his Russiαn counterpart. Experts believe it was a Ukrαiniαn MiG-29. recalls that just weeks ago, Slovakia decided to donate its entire MiG-29 air fleet to Ukrαine [12 fighters], after receiving assurances from the Czech Republic that Slovak airspace would be protected by the Czech Air Force.

Apart from Slovakia, Bulgaria is the other country that donated Su-25 fighter jets [14] to Ukrαine, but according to sources, they were provided through a deal with a third country and in parts.

It’s not the first one

The downed Su-35 fighter of the Russiαn Air Force on July 19 is not the first of this class to be shot down in the wαr in Ukrαine. recalls that in early April this year, the Ukrαiniαn Air Force announced that it had shot down a Russiαn Su-35 fighter that was on the SEAD mission [Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses].

Then, the fighter jet was hit and shot down in the sky over the Izyum region in eastern Ukrαine, about 120 km from Kharkiv. The pilot ejected but was captured by the Ukrαiniαn armed forces.

On May 28, Ukrαine claimed to have shot down another Russiαn 4 ++ generation Su-35 fighter jet.

According to the Ukrαiniαn Air Force, a battle took place over the skies of the Kherson region on May 27, in which the Ukrαiniαn MiG-29 shot down a Russiαn Su-35, without specifying whether it happened in a close air battle or by using an air-to-air missile.