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Four US B-52 Bomber fly over warzone Perform Sudden Strike

B-52 Bomber Returns To Europe At A Very Tense Time.

B-52 strategic bombers from Air Force Global Strike Command have returned to the UK, having begun regular Bomber Task Force deployments at Royal Air Force Fairford in southwest England.

So far from the last deployment of the B-52 to Europe, which coincides with considerable East-West tensions as Russian troops continue to move. building military capabilities around the Ukrαiniαn border.

Four B-52 from the 69th Bomb Squadron, 5th Bomb Wing, Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, landed at Royal Air Force Fairford yesterday, February 10.

The B-52 is expected to remain in the UK for three weeks, although this could change depending on how the situation in Ukrαine develops. Meanwhile, the bombers will take part in joint exercises with NATO allies and partner nations.

Bomber Task Force missions allow UK/US to challenge each other towards sustainable growth and development as part of NATO and support NATO Air Policing missions.

The joint mission reinforces the two countries’ commitment to NATO and collective defence, the latest sortie provides a demonstration of critical capabilities for a timely and coordinated response to defend the Euro-Atlantic area.

Whatever the next few weeks for the Minot B-52, they are ideally placed to not only do integration work with NATO allies and partners but also provide a highly visible demonstration of US and alliance air power across the wider region at a time.

The B-52 presence in the UK is the latest European iteration of the regular Bomber Task Force mission, which began in its current form.

Officially, this deployment relates to increased interoperability with military partners in the region and provides valuable training experience.

Equally important, however, were demonstrations to European allies and partners, and Russia, of the military might of the US and NATO.

This is especially relevant now, with Russia and NATO apparently involved in the movement of troops, aircraft and other hardware in the strategically important Baltic and Black Sea regions, as well as in the area around Ukrαine.

Putin Shocked: Four US B-52 Bomber fly over warzone Perform Sudden Strike