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Facing China’s attack: Taiwan’s 8 Mirage 2000 fighter jets are on standby, 4 US warships are helping

RIANGAN ZONE – The planned visit of the Speaker of the United States (US) House of Representatives to Taiwan angered China and prepared an attack

China’s bluff responded by the military Taiwan and the United States. Taiwan is preparing fighter jets to escort Nancy Pelosi’s arrival, Express reports.

Belarus news agency NEXTA reported that: “Taiwan is preparing eight French-made Mirage 2000 fighter jets to escort Nancy Pelosi in Taiwanese airspace.”

The United States did not want to be missed. Four US warships , including an aircraft carrier, are stationed in waters east of Taiwan .

It is said to have been in a “routine” deployment, not just a safeguard for Nancy Pelosi ‘s visit to Taiwan .

Taiwan issued a statement always warmly welcomes every guest who visits Taipei . Including Pelosi’s arrival on the Asia tour is highly anticipated.

Previously China threatened to shoot down the fighter jet escorting Pelosi to Taiwan because it was considered an invasion .