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Extraterrestrial Hybrids On Earth – The Alie Plan to Control Human Race

Chances are that this is not the first time that you’ve heard of the alien hybrid theory by now. It’s been talked about on multiple occasions, especially in the context of the Reptilian overlords that took over our society.

But, in actuality, it might be a lot more complex than that. Reptilians definitely have their hand deeprooted into our society, but there might be more than just them pulling these strings.

The most commonly accepted theory is that humanity is controlled by multiple factions of aliens, each controlling their own areas of expertise to meet their own expectations of humanity.

These alien hybrids are their means of controlling us. By having these human-alien hybrids amongst us they can trick us into believing in them while being turned into slaves altogether. These hybrids are the results of inseminating a poor abducted mother.

Most of the time the child will either reject the alien DNA or die, but sometimes these experiments are successful. The message is quite clear. They do this in order to let us know that “Soon we will all be together” and “Soon everyone will be happy and everyone will know his place”