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Egypt’s Curse Of Pharaohs Exposed: How DNA Test On ‘Screaming Mummy’ Found Shocking Truth

The Egyptian pharaoh’s curse has been blamed for many strange deaths since Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922, but scientists made an even more shocking discovery after performing a DNA test on a “screaming mummy”.

The strange burial place was found in KV11 of the Valley of the Kings, where the second Pharaoh of the 20th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt – Ramses III – was laid to rest with his royal family. Believed to have reigned from 1186 BC to 1155 BC, Ramses III is considered the last great king of the New Kingdom to hold any significant power over Egypt. His long reign saw the decline of Egypt’s political and economic power, which involved a series of invasions and internal economic problems that also plagued pharaohs before him.

But he was able to save Egypt from collapse as many other empires fell during the Late Bronze Age, however, he was brutally assassinated in the Harem plot.

Amazon Prime’s ‘Egypt’s Unexplained Files’ revealed how archaeologists investigated the so-called screaming mummy to establish if the individual was linked to the death of Ramses III.

Egyptologist Colleen Darnell said in 2019: “The tomb containing most of the mummies of the rulers of the New Kingdom was discovered in the 1880s.

“The so-called screaming mummy is found and the physical evidence of the mummy indicates that he died a violent death.”

Ramses III was brutally murdered

For decades the mummy remained an enigma, but in 2012, scientists performed an autopsy on the horrifying corpse.

Dr Roland Enmarch, from the University of Liverpool, revealed why some had rumoured that the screaming was caused by the Curse of the Pharaohs.

He said: “It is not in a nice sarcophagus with its name written on it, and the mummy has not been mummified, it is simply a naturally dried out corpse.

“Some Egyptologists speculate that this person may have been cursed in his burial in some way.”

Dr Darnell went on to reveal more details about how the mummy was buried.

The screaming mummy was found in his tomb

She added: “We have every indication that he was intentionally not embalmed properly.

“His internal organs were left in his body, he was buried ritually in pure goatskin.

“It seems that the priests, the embalmers who enacted this bizarre version of a mummification ritual took care to not give him a proper burial.”

But, the autopsy showed chilling details indicating the real reason for the facial expressions.

Dr Albert Zink, who led the investigation, said: “This mummy is unique because it has its mouth wide open and it looks like it is screaming.

Egyptologist Colleen Darnell

Dr Albert Zink performed a DNA test

“From the outer side around his neck there were some wrinkles, it looks like there was a rope around his neck and maybe he died of suffocation.”

The narrator of the show detailed how more chilling evidence began to unravel the mystery.

He said: “The evidence suggests the man was strangled or hanged, it could have been a punishment or a gruesome crime.

“Egyptologists turned to ancient records for more information, re-examining an ancient papyrus found in the 19th century, they discovered something incredible – trial records, describing a plot to assassinate Ramses III.

“When experts studied the section naming the accused, they were even more intrigued.

An ancient papyrus revealed the truth

The cartouche of Ramses III

“On trial was one of the King’s wives, Queen Tye, and also mentioned was her son, Pentaweret.

“The Pharaoh’s son was found guilty and ordered to kill himself.”

Dr Enmarch explained why Pentaweret was still buried with his father.

He added: “The Judicial Papyrus of Turin contains the testimony of the conspirators who took part.

“It tells us their names, it tells us what they did as part of the conspiracy and who they interacted with.

“Lower-ranking conspirators are executed, often in very gruesome ways – some impaled on spikes.”

Amazingly, Dr Zink carried out DNA testing on both the bodies of Ramses III and the “screaming mummy”.