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Donated helicopters from Slovakia to Ukrαine known

On 18 June 2022, Scramble Magazine reported on the donation of one Mil Mi-2 and four Mil Mi-17M transport helicopters from the Vzdušné sily Ozbrojených síl Slovenskej Republiky (SAF, Slovak Air Force) to Ukrαine. At that moment the serials of the helicopters involved were not yet known.

On Friday 17 June 2022, a TV JOJ crew (NovinyPlus) filmed the transfer of two Mi-17M helicopters, serials 0807 and 0821, from the Prešov airport, which were headed to Ukrαine via Košice and Michalovce.

Scramble Magazine has knowledge that Mi-2 serial 3301 was also delivered by road to Ukrαine. The other two Mi-17s are 0844 and 0847, these two were flown to Ukrαine fully armed with B8 rocket pods.

Mi-17 with serial 0820 was also mentioned as being donated, but this helicopter is equiped with Israeli instruments. Delivery to Ukrαine has to be approved by the Israeli government.