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Could Ukrαine’s Big Win Over Russiα Mean Putin Is Overthrown?

Putin has a new Ukrαine problem to deal with: The counteroffensive in the Kharkiv area has been more successful than perhaps Ukrαine even thought possible, and it is having reverberations across Russiα. President Vladimir Putin is even facing open criticism.

The collapse of Russiαn forces around Kharkiv has been nearly a rout as they’ve been pushed in places as far back as the border between it and Ukrαine. A source within Ukrαiniαn intelligence has claimed that the military has taken thousands of prisoners and that Russiαns were surrendering “en masse,” although that cannot be confirmed yet.

Oleksandr Verbytsky, 66, told CNN inside of Kupiansk, “I didn’t even expect it would be so fast,” he said of the speed of Russiα’s pell-mell retreat. “I went to the store, and when I came back, everybody was running away. The Russiαns drove through the cemetery to get away. Can you imagine?”

The scene inside of Izium was stark. Numerous tanks, armored vehicles, supplies, and ammunition either destroyed or simply abandoned spoke volumes about how badly the Russiαns fared inside the town. While the city has been freed, Russiαn soldiers still have to be found and rooted out.

“Enemy losses were 86 tanks and 158 armored fighting vehicles, 106 artillery systems, 159 vehicles, and 46 units of other equipment,” the Ukrαiniαn General Staff said. That is the equivalent of nearly three Russiαn tank battalions inside an armored regiment (31 tanks each) and nearly the number of tanks in nine Russiαn battalion tactical groups

Putin Getting Pushback From Within for Ukrαine Problems

Russiαn President Vladimir Putin has spent the past seven months trying to keep the cost of his invasion of Ukrαine a secret from the Russiαn people. From the disastrous attempts to take Kyiv and Kharkiv in the opening hours and days of the invasion, to the sinking of the Moskva, and since the retreat in the east where they said they were “regrouping,” the people have been led astray.

The official casualty count still stands at 1,351 ԀeαԀ, a number that hasn’t changed since early March. Moscow has refused to take back the thousands of Russiαn ԀeαԀ that Ukrαine offered since they’d have to acknowledge the extent of the cost.

The protest inside of Russiα against Putin is growing by the day. Nearly 50 Russiαn lawmakers have signed a petition demanding that Putin resign. “We, the municipal deputies of Russiα, believe that the actions of its president Vladimir Putin are detrimental to Russiα’s and its citizens’ future. We demand Vladimir Putin’s resignation from the post of the President of the Russiαn Federation,” the petition read.

“We decided to make our appeal so short that there would be less reason to find any fault with it from the authorities and so that as many municipal deputies as possible would sign the petition,” Ksenia Thorstrom, a municipal deputy of the Semenovsky District in Saint Petersburg said to CNN.

Strategy For The Ukrαine Offensive Began Months Ago:

With help from the United States, the Ukrαiniαns began planning this operation several months ago, according to American officials. They had several intensive meetings where they decided together what was the best course of action against the Russiαn invasion.

While the offensive in the south has not made the significant gains that they’ve had in the east, it was, however, a major factor in how successful they’ve been in the east. As I wrote yesterday, the deception part of the plan is a hallmark of the Special Forces, and the American influence on this contributed in a large way.

The UK, US, and Ukrαiniαns wαr-gamed the proposed plan, and all agreed it would work, but no one knew how successful it would quickly turn out to be. Now the Ukrαiniαns are saying, and rightfully so, if the West had given them the weαpσns and supplies that they asked for at the outset of the invasion, they could have repelled Russiα sooner and more thoroughly.