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Wαrn China (Aug 08) US Deploy Four B-2 Bσмber carrying 40,000 pound bσмb with RAAF fly near Taiwan!

Wαrning To China: Why The U.S. Air Force Sent 4 B-2 Bσмbers To Australia

Four U.S. Air Force B-2 Spirit stealth bσмbers are lined up at the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Amberley airbase in Queensland, according to photographs captured by Planet Labs for The Wαr Zone.

This sighting is significant since the four bσмbers displayed represent 20% of the U.S. Air Force’s full B-2 fleet. In July, the U.S. fleet of B-2 Spirits arrived in Queensland to join Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) Bσмber Task Force (BTF) exercises. The U.S. and Australia are ramping up joint efforts to improve tactical operations in light of the looming Chinese threat.

The first pair of U.S. B-2 Spirit bσмbers landed in Queensland mid-July, starting a new bσмber task force mission in the Indo-Pacific.

Due to China’s alarming rhetoric and behavior in the Indo-Pacific, the ongoing joint U.S.-Australian efforts are becoming increasingly important for deterrence.

The U.S. Air Force and RAAF are carrying out fighter jet drills, in addition to experimenting with refueling B-2s from RAAF KC-30 tankers.

Designed during the Cold Wαr, the heavy strategic bσмber is equipped with low observable stealth technology designed to enable the airframe to penetrate dense anti-aircraft defenses.

RAAF Air Cmdre. David Paddison also lauded the ongoing joint exercise in Queensland as an important component in U.S.-Australian military cooperation.

Paddison stated that “It’s not a regular occurrence for our refueling, security, and firefighters to gain experience on aircraft such as the B-2.

This partnership has been instrumental in enhancing the capabilities and interoperability of both our forces through joint exercises and activities. The Indo-Pacific is our home and we stand committed to an open, inclusive, and resilient Indo-Pacific.”

While the U.S.-Australian exercise at the Amberely Air Force base is expected to wind down over the next few weeks.

the presence of U.S. B-2 Spirit bσмbers in the Indo-Pacific will likely remain or even increase in the near future as Beijing builds up its aggressive behavior in the region.

Considering B-2s represent one of the three pillars in America’s nυcleαr triad, the presence of these airframes in Queensland sends a powerful message to the PRC.