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Video: China ask Help Russiα Hundreds US and Japan F-35B fly to Indo-Pacific, launch from JS Izumo

Watch Out China. Japan’s F-35 Stealth Fighter Fleet Is Taking Flight.

The Chinese navy does not have enough J-31 to conduct air-surface maritime warfare operations comparable to their US and Japanese counterparts.

Japan’s multi-billion dollar F-35 stealth fighter purchase represents a clear and decisive move to rival China’s fleet of fifth-generation stealth aircraft such as the J-20 and J-31.

The acquisition is clearly a move of great consequence for Japan, which has been forced to respond to Chinese fighter jet incursions near its airspace for years.

Today, the F-35 is at an advanced stage of operational maturity, placing it well above its Chinese rivals when it comes to forming air squadrons or large numbers of networked fifth-generation attack formations.

Meanwhile, Japan is not waiting for new F-35 to improve its air-wαr tactics, air-sea-land multidomain preparations, and amphibious attack exercises. For instance, Japan has broken new ground by now launching its vertical-take-off and landing F-35B variant from its JS Izumo destroyer, marking a breakthrough development in the realm of fifth-generation amphibious attack.

While the United States has been operating F-35B from amphibious assault ships for many years, Japan’s ability to support, supplement, and network with US amphibious forces by adding fifth-generation air support to multi-domain operations massively multiply its capabilities.

The F-35B launch from the Japanese destroyer was cited in Japan’s recently released Defense of Japan 2022 report, which outlined a wide range of initiatives aimed at strengthening their military and allied cooperation.