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China ask Help Russiα(Aug 09) Four Taiwan F-16 fire AGM-84 harpoon missiles targetting China Wαrship.

Taiwan’s ‘Fully-Loaded’ F-16 Vipers Armed With Deαdly Harpoon Missiles Gear-Up To Hunt Intruding Chinese Wαrships.

As the Chinese military conducts military drills around Taiwan, the self-governing island appears to be preparing for any potential αttαck by outfitting its four F-16V (Vipers) with lethal weαρσns, including Harpoon missiles, to defend the country’s east coast, reported Liberty Times.

Following Nancy Pelosi visit to Taiwan, the People’s Liberation Army of China announced sharp military drills in six regions bordering Taiwan and entering its territorial waters.

Since then, Chinese military aircraft and wαrships have been conducting drills near the Taiwan Strait, and many of them are still active in the eastern seas.

Taiwan’s Hualien Air Force Base is reportedly ready to scramble its four fully loaded F-16V fighters, each outfitted with two air-launched anti-ship harpoon missiles, to defend the nation’s east coast.

There has been a lot of activity at the Air Force’s Hualien Base recently. According to the report, general training tasks have all been stopped and transitioned to combat readiness tasks.

The base has prepared more than ten combat readiness mission aircraft, most of which are equipped with short-range sidewinder missiles and AIM-120 advanced medium-range missiles.

Four are F-16V, each equipped with two AIM-120 advanced medium-range missiles, two short-range sidewinder missiles, two air-launched AGM-84 harpoon missiles, and an ALQ-184 electric wαrfare capsule, and two auxiliary fuel Tαnks under the mid-abdomen.

Upon receiving the order, these aircraft can immediately take to the air and launch a direct αttαck on the wαrships of the  People’s Liberation Army Navy.

The Air Force officers, who appeared to be confident in their abilities, claimed that they could sink China’s ships with absolute certainty as long as the Ministry of National Defense gave them the order, adding that “one is not enough, then two, one is not enough, then another, until it sinks!”

Taiwan’s Frigate Shadows  People’s Liberation Army Navy’s Wαrship?
Images of a Taiwanese Navy Cheng Kung-class frigate purportedly following a China  People’s Liberation Army Navy Type 052c destrσүer (hull number 150) in the southwest waters of Kao-hsiung Harbor are going viral on the internet.

The incident, according to reports, happened at 8 am on August 5. The country’s Naval Command made no comment on the matter, but neither confirmed nor denied it.
It only stated that naval wαrships’ joint intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance mechanisms could efficiently comprehend the dynamics of ships in the Taiwan Strait.