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Blσσdied body of ‘mermaid’ found on British beach

A man discovered the mysterious blσσdied body he believed to be that of a “mermaid” on Britain’s famous Great Yarmouth beach on October 2.

The post, which was posted by Paul Jones, has been shared more than 15,000 times.

Many people think that this is a human body wrapped in a plastic bag.

Paul Jones posted a clip on Facebook that he thought the creature was the body of a “mermaid.” The image provided shows that this body has a human-like skull and at least one bloody arm and whole body.

Paul Jones’ post has been shared more than 15,000 times on facebook. Paul Jones wrote: “Today in Great Yarmouth, we saw what looked like a dead mermaid washed up on the beach.”

Many people expressed shock when they saw the clips and images and thought that the mermaid was real. However, many people think that the body looks like a human body with his leg tied in a plastic bag. Others thought it was the carcass of a seal.