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An Ancient Skeleton With Elongated Skull Similar To That of An Alien Being Was Discovered in Russia

Arkaim, Russia was home to a mysterious skeleton that resembled an alien being. Arkaim is also known for Russia’s Stonehenge. This settlement was built in the third-century.

Shortly after the images were posted on the Internet, the entire UFOology community burst. The Arkaim town is approximately 4000 years old. However, this mysterious skeleton is believed to be 2000 years.

Archaeologists believe that the skeleton found here is older than the one at the site. Many ufologists believe that this skeleton is alien after looking at the images. But is this true?

Is it possible for extraterrestrials to have skeletons that are comparable to ours? Arkaim’s Skelete has one aberration, which has led all ufologists and ufologists alike to believe it is an alien entity. It is because of its long cranium.

We must also remember that the skull’s extended shape was a sign of social standing and cultural customs in ancient times. Arkaim has seen many anomalies over the years, supporting the idea of an extraterrestrial skull.

Like Stonehenge, here magnetic anomalies, strange fog, and even light in the sky appeared. Many theories and conflicts surround the origin of Arkaim’s skeleton, which still elicit fierce debate today.

You can see the video below.