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Russiα accidentally leaks image of future high-speed helicopter

The Kamov Design Bureau appears to have leaked the details of future high-speed helicopter it is about to develop for Armed Forces of the Russiαn Federation.

In Russiαn social media were posted the images from the helicopter project defense shows of a new concept that could provide increased speed and less drag.

The concept feature a ‘delta’ fixed-wing, co-axial rotor system, a side-by-side cockpit, and pusher engines in the rear similar to what is utilized on the Sikorsky S-97 Raider and Bell V-280 Valor. The co-axial rotor system will be driven by two engines.

Also, a concept of the high-speed helicopter will eqquiped infrared (IR) heat suppressing systems and various fuselage contour constructions with internal ωɛλρσɳs bays as a stealth technology to avoid detection.

According to a presentation, Kamov believes new technologies will provide more speed and range and better fuel efficiency. It is expected that the new helicopter will reach speeds of more than 435 mph (700 kph), nearly three times the speed of a conventional helicopter.

The project of future Russiαn high-speed helicopter was displayed by Sergei Mikheyev, General Designer of the Kamov Design Bureau. Sergei Mikheev is an academic, researcher and helicopter designer. He has served as General Designer of Kamov Design Bureau since 1987.