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A Pair of US B-2 Bσmbers, F-22 Raptors and Dozens F-35 Fly into warzone

Stunning Display of the Power B-2 Spirit stealth bσmber.

The B-2 Spirit stealth bσmber looks like it could be a game changer for the US Air Force. And that scares China and Russiα for obvious reasons.

The B-2 Spirit Bσmber is something Russiα and China can’t match.

However, it is unlikely that Russiα or China will be able to match the capabilities of this decades-old stealth bσmber any time soon.

The B-2 Spirit stealth bσmber is nothing new, with a newer version, the B-21 Raider, coming soon.

the bσmber shows how the Air Force views the B-2 Spirit as a great asset.

The latest action coincides with the US Air Force’s relocation of some of its most important resources to the Indo-Pacific. As previously reported by the EurAsian Times, the US sent two B-2 stealth bσmbers to Australian Air Force Base Amberley.

The bσmber will “carry out training and strategic deterrence missions with allies, partners, and join forces to support a free and open Indo-Pacific.”

The exercise took place between July 11 and July 14 and was announced by the South Korean Air Force on July 14. Since the delivery of 40 F-35A stealth fighters to South Korea in January, this is the first time F-35A stealth fighters from the two countries have engaged in joint exercises.

The South Korean and US air forces conduct important joint air operations and missions during air combat training, such as airborne warning bans and defensive counterattacks, while taking on the roles of friend and foe forces.

Stunning Display of Power!

US F-22 Raptor Joins F-35 & F-15 Fighters to Host One of the Largest ‘Anti-China’ Exercises.

The exercise featured a dozen U.S. Air Force high-end F-22 Raptors, four F-35 stealth jets, and 13 heavyweight F-15 jets. Along with US fighter jets, 20 F-15 fighters and three US reconnaissance and support aircraft.

The warplanes flew over the Sea of ??Japan, Pacific Ocean and East China Sea to strengthen tactical capabilities and “joint response capabilities,” Japan’s Ministry of Defense said on July 14. The most recent exercises were held on August 6 and August 9.

The US Air Force did not make any statements about this latest exercise. However, the service announced in a news release last month that it had sent 12 F-22s from the Hawaii Air National Guard to Kadena Air Base in Okinawa.