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3,300-Year-Old Ancient Tomb Discovered In Turkey (It Is Related To Queen Nefertiti)

3,300-Year-Old Ancient Tomb Discovered In Turkey – It Is Related To Queen Nefertiti

Being a discovery of historic proportions from the simple fact that it was made on the lands of Turkey, it impresses especially by the fact that it reveals clues about Queen Nefertiti and clarifies her return together with some followers, they get rid of the queen’s husband. Her husband was in the service of Corruption Priesthood Amun.

In addition to the amazing story revealed by this tomb, other secrets have been revealed, among which, after a series of tests and artifacts, it is reported that carbon would place the tomb around 1,300 BC. This is extremely important, giving a new perspective on the antiquity of the Amarna imperial family.

The shocking discovery of a long-hidden site in Turkey, consisting of an Egyptian room with air very similar to the tomb of King Tut.

This site has a significant amount of Egyptian treasures, among which and statues with faces supposed to be similar to the life of this Pharaoh Akhenaten, including antiquities dating back to the time of the Amarna imperial family. Daniel Liszt and Dr. Carmen Boulter, an expert doctor in the Pyramid, discuss this amazing discovery and how it could change everything.

It seems that due to the unique evidence revealed during the event, this discovery may be the most important and essential in the history of Dark Journalist so far, changing everything we had understood from the history of these pharaohs. And as with any important event, they did not hesitate to ask many questions. Most of these essential questions refer to our inheritance and the fact that the inheritance of blood could have been passed from Royal Atlantis, being linked to a spiritual understanding and surprising psychic abilities.