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Putin Shocked: US Deploy Six B-52 Bomber to Warzone to ward off Russiα

US Deploys B-52 Nuclear Bombers Near Russiα As Tensions Rise Between Moscow & Washington.

The United States Air Force is reportedly sending its strategic bombers to Europe, close to Russiα, due to increased military operations against Russiαn-occupied Ukrαiniαn territory.

The United States intends to deploy B-52 strategic bombers near Russiα’s borders. four American strategic bombers are expected to arrive in Europe in the coming days.

The United States and Britain are planning a Ukrαiniαn military operation and NATO has increased its troop deployments in Eastern and Central Europe “several times.”

American B-52 strategic bombers can be deployed to Europe from Minot Air Force Base in the United States. Minot Air Base in North Dakota is where the 5th Bomb Wing operates 26 B-52.

Furthermore, nuclear bombers are being sent to Europe because Russiα strictly prohibits the use of nuclear force against Ukrαine.

Thus, the deployment is expected to strengthen the military alliance, and the bombers can stay in Europe for a long time.

However, there seems to be a concerted effort on the part of the United States, which is actively using its Bombers to create deterrence against its enemies.

For example sending B-1 Lancers and B-2 Spirit Bombers to Australia to conduct Bomber Task Force exercises. The American bombers have been in Australia for more than a month.

The US Air Force sent a B-52 Stratofortress bomber to the Royal Air Force Fairford to participate in a long-planned Bomber Task Force mission.

bombers flew over Central Europe and countries bordering the Black Sea to practice close air support operations with ground forces.

Regular Bomber flights in Europe and the Pacific. The Barents Sea in northern Russiα, the Sea of ??

Okhotsk off Russiα’s Far East coast, and the Black Sea close to Crimea are among the critical areas that US bombers have flown more frequently in recent times.

Since Russiα increased its nuclear alert level, the B-52 has continued to be deployed on NATO’s eastern front.

After the United States sent the B-52 to Britain, Putin ordered Russiα’s strategic deterrence force exercise, which includes intercontinental ballistic missiles and heavy bombers – Russiα’s nuclear triad.

In August 2022, six U.S. Air Force B-52 bombers from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota flew over 30 NATO countries in one day.

This is not the first time American nuclear-capable bombers will be in Europe. However, this time it was more significant because of the uncertainty surrounding the purpose of his visit to the British Air Force base.

This wing is the largest tanker wing in the Air Force and can defend air bridges around the world to support US and allied forces.